1.      Guest parking is available for guests of residents only. Each resident will receive a Guest Code for their guest parker.
2.      Since the Garage is a Self-Park facility, all guest parking transactions must be paid for by credit or debit card.
3.      Guests must park in the reserved parking spaces designated as Guest Parking. Guests of residents are required to type the resident’s Guest Code followed by the # key into the code box on the automated ticket dispensing machine in order to retrieve a ticket and gain entry into the garage. Tickets must be displayed on the guest parker’s dashboard at all times. At the time of exit, guests must pay the current parking rates via credit or debit card.
4.      Abuse of Guest Parking privileges, rules, or policies by a resident and/or their guest may result in termination of monthly parking lease agreement (if applicable) and/or cause fines to be assessed for violation of the Association’s Rules, Declarations, and By-laws.
5.      Lost parking tickets will be charged the maximum rates and will be at the discretion of Management.
6.      Unpaid guest parking fees will be charged back to the unit owner.