1. No strollers, shopping carts, bicycles, tricycles, etc. shall be left in any common areas for extended periods of time. Bicycles and tricycles are not permitted in the lobby at any time.  Bicycles may be stored in your unit, in the bike room or in your personal locker in the storage room area.


  1. The Eliot House Condominium Association will not be responsible for loss, theft or damage to any item of personal property placed or stored in common areas.


  1. Aforementioned items must be taken upstairs and downstairs in the service elevator unless it is unavailable, in which case the passenger elevators may be used.


  1. Bicycle spaces will be assigned by Management upon availability. A sticker will be issued indicating the assigned space. The sticker must be affixed to the bicycle by the owner of the bicycle. This policy also covers motorcycles. All bicycles not in compliance with said rules will be removed from the bicycle room.


  1. Shopping carts and a valet cart are available to residents for in-house use only.  These carts are located in the garage.  Under no circumstances are these carts to be left standing in the hallways or in an individual unit. All carts must immediately be returned to the garage following use. Those holding onto carts for extended periods of time should be reported to the Eliot House Management Office or Doorman, and in turn, may be subject to fines.


  1. A convertible dolly is available to residents on a first-come, first-served basis during Management Office hours only.  The Management Office requires a driver’s license or credit card to hold until the dolly is returned.