1.      The laundry room is open 24 hours a day and is available only to Eliot House residents, their housekeepers and their guests.
2.      Fabric must not be dyed or tinted in the washing machines.  The laundry tub is to be used for this purpose and should be thoroughly cleaned after each use.
3.      Cycle times for washers and dryers are posted on the machines.
4.      Laundry unclaimed from washers/dryers in a timely fashion may be placed by other users on the folding table.
5.      Neither the Management Company, Board of Directors nor The Eliot House Condominium Association are responsible for loss, theft or damage to personal property left in the laundry room.
6.      Access to the laundry room is by key fob.
7.      Eliot House laundry carts are to be kept in the laundry room and are not for personal use outside the laundry room.
8.      A “Lost and Found” box has been placed in the laundry room and may be checked by residents.
9.      Reusable laundry debit cards can be purchased at the VTM machine in the laundry room.  See Section XI for fees.
10.  The Value Transfer Machine (VTM) in the laundry room will accept five, ten, and twenty dollar bills to add value to the card.   Management recommends that you do not put more than fifty dollars on your card at any time in case you lose the card. No refunds will be given for lost cards.