1. Each owner shall be entitled to one storage locker in the locker room of the building.


  1. Each locker shall be identified by its corresponding unit number.


  1. Lockers not properly occupied may be opened by authorized personnel of the Management Office.


  1. All stored material must be inside the lockers.  Therefore, bicycles, strollers or similar items may not be left outside/on top of assigned lockers.


  1. Discarded objects must be removed by residents directly to the first floor trash room or outside dumpster depending on the object’s size.


  1. No liability for theft or vandalism to a locker or its contents shall be borne by the Eliot House Condominium Association or its agents.


  1. No one may preempt the use of an empty locker without the permission of the resident to whom the locker has been assigned.  The Eliot House Management Office must be notified in writing of any such changes.


  1. If a locker is occupied illegally, upon request of the resident to whom it has been assigned, Eliot House Management will have the lock cut off and the locker emptied.


  1. Anything left in aisles, corners or anywhere outside of assigned lockers will be removed by Eliot House Management.


  1. Storing flammables or illegal materials/substances as defined by the City of Chicago Fire Code or state and local statue is prohibited.


  1. Access to the storage room is by key fob.