1. No awnings or other projections shall be attached to the outside walls of the building and no blinds, shades or storm doors shall be attached to the outside of the perimeter of any unit.  Residents are advised that furniture, flower pots, wind chimes or the like can blow off balconies and that they must take steps to secure or remove such objects to prevent damage to persons and/or property of others.


  1. All flower boxes which are affixed to balcony railings must be placed on the inside of the railing to insure that in case of high wind, they do not blow off and injure persons or property on the ground below.


  1. When watering flowers or washing the balcony floor, extreme care must be used to prevent the excess water from flowing to units of residents below.


  1. Eliot House Condominium Association does not permit any balcony floor coverings.  Non-compliance will result in removal by Management of such covering at resident’s expense. 


  1. The use of propane or charcoal grills on balconies is prohibited.  Residents are permitted to have and use an electric grill only.  These are the requirements set forth by the Condominium Association’s insurer.


  1. Grills stored on balconies must be stabilized in order to prevent wind damage and noise.