Emergency Plans

These instructions are part of the Emergency Plan for the Eliot House Condominium Association. The instructions are for your safety so please review them in detail now and keep them in a convenient location for review during real emergencies. Should you need additional assistance in the event of an emergency, please call the office at (312) 440-3654 to be put on the list of residents with special needs. These instructions should be followed in the same manner for emergencies both during and after office hours.


  • Eliot House is designed with many safety features, these include:
  • Smoke detectors in all common areas.
  • Residents are responsible for providing smoke detectors in their individual units.
  • Fire extinguishers and Fire Hoses in all stairwells.
  • Fire resistive floors and walls.
  • Fire resistive stairwells.
  • Emergency power for hallway and stairwell lighting.

Fire resistive floors help to limit fire from spreading floor to floor. Fire resistive walls between the corridor and the unit also help to limit fire from spreading to other floors. Stairwell signs designate the exits on each floor. Residents should be aware of the number of doors between their unit and the stairwell.

Residents are responsible for providing their own smoke detector in their individual units. It is a City law to have a working smoke detector in your unit. The resident should check their smoke detector on a regular basis to ensure that they’re functioning properly. If an alarm is accidentally triggered, press the red button to clear and reset the alarm.

Eliot House has an emergency team to assist residents in the event of an emergency. The Maintenance Department, Doorman and Building Management have specific duties during and emergency and will be on hand to assist both residents and emergency personnel.

The following are the safest procedures for residents during various emergencies. Adherence to these procedures will assure proper response during emergencies.