1.   For safety and security measures, all Unit Owners and residents must provide the management office with a set of keys for each unit, which are coded and kept under lock and key.  This set of keys is necessary for both emergency access to a unit and to assist with lockouts.  If a resident refuses to leave a set of keys to their unit with the Management Office, the resident will have to accept full responsibility for any damages as well as costs incurred should a forced entry to the resident’s unit be necessary.  The resident will also be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of damage to neighboring units or common areas caused by the inability to enter the unit and/or delay of access to the unit.
2.   It is the resident’s responsibility to notify the Management Office in writing, by email or via fax that outsiders (such as contractors, cleaning people, etc.) be permitted entry to their unit using the resident’s duplicate unit keys.  No entry may occur prior to 9:00 am Monday through Friday or 10:00 am on Saturday. If entry is needed over the weekend, provide the Doorman with written notification on the Permission to Enter Form and leave a unit key in an envelope with the Doorman. If Management or the Doorman is not so notified in advance, access will be denied.  For extenuating or emergency circumstances, contact the Management Office at 312-440-3654 for procedural instructions.
3.   Keys Left with the Doorman
      The resident is required to execute a Permission to Enter Form, providing the name of the guest and the date that they need access to the unit and leave it with the doorman. Additionally, the resident should leave a set of keys with the Doorman in an envelope. Keys cannot be left with the doorman without completing the required form.  A blanket waiver can be signed allowing things to be left at the front desk.  Take notice that you are at your own risk if you choose to leave keys or things at the doorman’s station and the Association assumes no liability for keys or items left by the resident.