1. Owners will receive at least 10 but not more than 30 days’ notice of the date of the annual meeting at which the Board of Directors will be elected.  In elections for the Board of Directors, owners vote by absentee ballot.  Voting shall only be on an Association issued ballot which is presented in person by the unit owner at the Annual Meeting, submitted via mail or placed in an on-site ballot box. Owners may also appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf only if they have submitted a proper proxy form prior to voting.


  1. Owners who choose to become candidates for the Board of Directors must submit their names to the managing agent at least 7 days prior to distribution of the ballots.  Owners shall receive at least 21 days prior written notice of that date. 


  1. At the annual meeting, an owner who has previously submitted a ballot by mail or on-site ballot box may cast a ballot at the meeting.  If a ballot is cast at the meeting, the prior ballot will be void.


  1. The Association formally adopts the following election policy: all voters, including candidates for the Board of Directors, must have on file proof of their voting eligibility no later than 10 days prior to the annual election. Eligibility is determined by the inclusion of the voter's name on the deed or closing documents, or by providing an official letter from the unit owner giving full authorization to vote the unit's ownership interests.