1.      Non-residents entering through the lobby must sign in with the Doorman.
2.      All guests entering through the south entrance and garage must telephone the resident via the telephone intercom for admission to the building.  After answering the telephone, the resident must press 6 on their telephone to activate entry for guests.
3.      Do not allow entry into your unit of anyone purporting to be from a service/utility company unless you have initiated the call for service.  Immediately report such unauthorized individuals to the Management Office or, if after hours, to the Doorman.
4.      The only way to enter the building other than through the main lobby is with your key fob.  If you do not have your key fob, proceed to the front lobby for admission by the Doorman.
At the front entrance, a Doorman is on duty 24 hours a day.  The primary function of the Doorman is to provide “access control.”  Any resident may request assistance in entering