1.      Permissible combination of pets will be 1 dog and 1 cat, 2 cats, 1 cat and 1 bird, etc., but never two dogs at any time.
2.      No dog in any household may exceed, at maturity, 24 inches in height as measured from the shoulder and no more than 35 pounds.
3.      Dogs must be on a leash at all times while on Eliot House property, in the garage and on the grounds.  The leash must be held to keep the dog within a two foot radius of the dog handler at all times.
4.      Pet owners/handlers are responsible for controlling their pets’ behavior so as not to create unreasonable disturbances including the following:
a.       Excessive barking, growling, jumping, lunging, or scratching residents, guests or employee
b.      Excessive noise by crying, squawking or chirping
c.       Unpleasant odors resulting from defecation, urination or cat litter in the pet owner’s unit or common area.
d.      Health problems that cause unpleasant odors that penetrate into common areas or other units.
5.      Pets are not permitted to play or exercise in the halls or common areas inside Eliot House or on the grounds surrounding Eliot House, such as areas around driveways.
6.      Pet owners/handlers are required to remove their pets from Eliot House property before permitting them to urinate or defecate.  Eliot House balconies may never be used for this purpose.  Dog runs for this purpose are located along LaSalle Street.
7.      Owners of dogs are prohibited from allowing their dog to relieve itself on the exterior columns and other concrete areas (urine is very acidic and can erode concrete, which is a porous material).
8.      Dog owners are responsible for picking up and disposing of their pet’s waste at all times.
9.      In the event a pet urinates or defecates within Eliot House, the handler should IMMEDIATELY notify the Doorman to have Maintenance clean the carpet or tile.
10.  All dog training paper or litter from cats, hamsters, etc. must be wrapped and sealed in double plastic bags and deposited on the floor of the garbage chute room.  Pursuant to City of Chicago ordinances, pet litter should not be thrown down the chute.
11.  Each owner of a pet assumes full responsibility for personal injuries or property damage caused by such pet and each such owner agrees to defend, indemnify and hold the Association, the Board and Managing Agent (and their employees) harmless against any loss, claim or liability of any kind or character whatsoever arising from or growing out of the privilege of owning and housing a pet at The Eliot House.