1.      Residents, guests, housekeepers and aides shall not sweep or throw anything out of the windows, doors, balconies or into the corridors, stairwells or elevators.
2.      No garbage cans, supplies, shoes, doormats, umbrellas, luggage or other articles, except for daily delivery of newspapers, shall be placed in the hallways or on the stairwell landings.
3.      No rugs, tablecloths, mops, brooms or clothing shall be shaken from the balconies, windows or in stairwells or corridors.
4.      Units are to be maintained in such a manner that noxious odors, pests or other offenses do not affect neighboring units.
5.      Continuous noxious or pungent odors that emanate from a unit which causes discomfort to others, including but not limited to, cigarette, cigar and pipe smoke is not allowed. Residents should submit a written complaint documenting such noxious odors to the Management Office.