1.      In case of an after Management Office hour’s lockout, if a Maintenance person is on duty, the Doorman will alert the Maintenance person who will retrieve your key from the Management Office.  If the lockout is after hours, the on call Maintenance person will be called and if available will retrieve your key. A non-refundable lockout fee will be charged. See Section XI for fees. If you are an owner, your assessments will be billed.  If you are a renter, you must pay the Maintenance person in cash or by check (which he will forward to management) upon completion of service.  If you do have to call a locksmith, the Doorman has the telephone number of a locksmith you may call.
2.      For other emergencies, contact the Doorman and explain the emergency and request assistance.
3.      The Doorman will also serve as liaison to the Maintenance Staff in cases of lock-out or emergency maintenance problems.
4.      Keys dropped into the elevator shaft must be retrieved by elevator contract maintenance staff ONLY (per contract & liability insurance).  The resident will be billed directly for time used by the elevator firm.