1. Dogs and cats must be registered in the Management Office by move-in date or upon pet acquisition.


  1. A one-time fee must be paid upon pet registration. This fee is applicable only to dogs and cats.


  1. A current copy of a vaccination certificate must be brought to the Management Office by the pet’s owner at the time of registration.


  1. The owner must meet all requirements for vaccinations and shots as required annually by City Ordinance.


  1. A registered pet may not be replaced by another pet without registration and payment of the appropriate fee.  See Section XI for Fees.


  1. Dog owners are required to bring their dogs with them to be assessed and registered by Management.  Any dog that does not fall within the height and weight limit restrictions (see Section C paragraph 2 below) must be removed from the premises within one month.


  1. Failure to register a dog or cat will result in a fine being levied against the owner of the pet.  The amount of the fine, as set by the Board of Directors pursuant to Section XII of these Rules and Regulations.


  1. In case of emergency, all pet owners are required to provide Management with written permission to enter one’s unit.


  1. No animal shall be raised or bred on the property for commercial purposes.