1.      The Maintenance Staff is hired by the Eliot House Condominium Association to maintain the common area property only.  If maintenance work is needed in an individual unit the unit owner must contact the Management Office to place a work order or complete a work order form online.  The Management Office reserves the right to refuse such work.
2.      Renters must contact the owner of their individual unit for the owner’s approval of any routine maintenance work to be performed unless the owner has left a signed authorization with the Management Office in a set dollar ($) amount for renter’s use.
3.      The initial labor charge for Eliot House work orders is specified in the Fee Schedule in Section XI.  If parts or supplies are required, they will be billed in addition to labor costs.
4.      Residents may contact an outside contractor for needed repairs.
5.      Eliot House Management employs an exterminating service.  If you see any insects in your unit, the common areas or the chute room please advise Management.  Bed bugs should be reported to the Management Office immediately.  All residents must comply with City of Chicago’s Bed Bug Ordinance and the Association’s policies for treating bed bugs.
6.      For emergency maintenance service, e.g., overflowing sinks, toilets, baths or electrical outage, all residents should call the Management Office at 312-440-3654 or the Doorman at 312-440-3679 immediately