1.      Common areas shall not be obstructed or be used for exercise, children’s play, or for any purpose other than ingress and egress to and from corridors, the building, or other units.
2.      No person may ride a bicycle, tricycle or other vehicle in any of the common elements of the building.
3.      All unit entrance doors must be kept closed at all times for the privacy of other unit owners. Entrance doors may not be left partially open for ventilation.
4.      No eating, smoking or loitering is allowed in the common areas or within 15 feet of any building entrance.
5.      Excessive use of any common element electrical outlet (i.e., hallways, laundry room, lobby, garage, and storage room) is not permitted.
6.      Parkers may use the electrical outlets in the garage and bike room.  There must be no obstructions in aisles/areas.  Care should be taken by users to observe all safety precautions to avoid an accident to themselves or others.  Violations will be reported to management.