1.   The abuse of any equipment, furnishings, or common elements is a violation of the rules.  Residents who violate such rules will be charged for repairs or replacement.
2.   All complaints about building conditions or operations are to be in writing and directed to the Property Manager.
3.   Verbal abuse or harassment of any staff member of Eliot House Condominium Association will not be tolerated.  All staff members are required to report such incidents daily.  Repeat offenders (2 or more incidents) will be asked to attend a Board of Directors meeting to explain the situation.  IF the offender is a renter, the owner of the renter’s unit will be asked to attend the Board meeting at which the offense and possible sanctions are to be considered.  All cases of repeat abuse complaints will be reviewed by the Board of Directors to determine what action is to be taken.
4.   Upon receipt of a staff complaint or abuse or harassment by a resident, the following procedures will be enacted:
a.   For the first offense, Management will send a written notice to the alleged violator.
b.   For repeat violations (2 or more), Management will inform the alleged violator that he/she has the opportunity to appear at a Board of Directors meeting on a specified date.
c.   If requested by the alleged violator, Management will ask the accuser to be present.
d.   The violator will be informed that he/she has the right to have an attorney present at the Board of Directors meeting.  If the alleged violator elects to have his/her attorney present at the Board of Directors meeting, he/she must notify the Management office and Board of Directors not less than 72 hours prior to the Board of Directors meeting.
5.   All complaints by residents regarding staff performance or behavior should be made in writing to the Property Manager.  If appropriate, they will be presented to the Board of Directors for its consideration as quickly as possible.