1.      The Eliot House Condominium garage is an automated self-park facility. If you wish to register for monthly parking, contact Eliot House Management for availability.
2.      Residents may apply for a parking space. Each unit is limited to two automobiles per unit. As capacity allows, it will be at Management’s discretion to assign available spaces.
3.      If an owner is leasing their unit and their renter is interested in leasing a parking space from the Association, then the following rules will apply:
a.       The unit owner must issue authorization in writing to Management prior to a lease agreement being executed with their tenant. The monthly parking fee will be billed directly to the unit owner’s account. Unit owners will be held responsible for all unpaid balances for parking fees/charges owed to the Association by their tenant. 
4.      Management must receive a 30-day written notice of cancellation prior to cancelling the parking lease agreement. Cancellation will be accepted only for the last day of each month (the last month will not be prorated for a partial month). If said cancellation notice is not given by the resident, an additional month’s parking fee will be billed to the owner’s account.
5.      Management will assign an available parking space to each owner or their tenant provided the parking lease agreement and all fees due are paid to the Association at the time of registration.
6.      If there are no available parking spaces, a waiting list will be maintained by Management. When openings become available for assignment, those on the waiting list will be notified of availability.
7.      Upon completion of the parking lease agreement and vehicle registration a transponder and decal sticker will be issued for your vehicle.
8.      Terms of the lease agreement must be observed at all times. Violations of the Association’s parking lease agreement or Rules Manual and Policies will result in fines and/or revoked parking privileges for which your transponder will be disabled.