1.      No furniture or large objects are to be brought through the lobby at any time.  All furniture and large objects must be delivered through the service entrance.  For large items that the package room cannot accommodate arrangements must be made by the resident or an appointed delegate to allow delivery personnel to enter the unit.
2.      The service elevator must be reserved for large item deliveries at approved times and through the Management Office.  Your unit front door threshold must be protected against damage from heavy appliances or furniture.  Any damage will be charged to the unit.  Check with the Maintenance Office on all large deliveries.
3.      Trade persons delivering articles, including but not limited to groceries or rendering service to residents, are required to use the service entrance and the service elevator at all times.
4.      There are no restrictions on the delivery of restaurant food orders and emergency items through the lobby. There may be some restrictions on particular restaurants due to abuse of delivery privileges.  All vendors will be asked to sign in and sign out at the Doorman’s station.  Doormen will advise delivery people that no menus may be placed under residents’ doors.
5.      Perishable items delivered, i.e., flowers, fruit baskets, etc. will be accepted by the Doorman who will notify the resident. The Association is not responsible for these items.