5. Other Fires

If you smell smoke, stay in your unit for further instructions. Keep your keys nearby at all times. You will want to take your key with you during emergencies so that you can return to your unit, if necessary. If you are instructed to leave your unit, make sure the door is closed.

If you see heavy smoke in the corridor of the building, return to your unit, call 911 and report the fire as described previously. Wait in your unit for instructions from emergency personnel or management staff. If smoke begins to infiltrate your unit from the cracks around and/or under the door, place wet towels against the cracks to hold out the smoke.

If instructed to evacuate the floor, crawl on hands and knees below the smoke and go down to a lower floor. Once on the lower floor, stay in the corridor for further instructions. The building is designed for residents to stay on a non-involved floor rather than evacuate. Most often, complete building evacuation is impractical.

If you are instructed to evacuate the building, you should first feel the door with the back of your hand to make sure that the corridor is not involved in the fire. If the  door is not hot, evacuate using the stairwell. If the corridor is smoke filled, return to your unit and stay there. If smoke comes in around the door, place wet towels around the door to block out the smoke. In this instance, immediately call 911 and let them know that you are holding inside your unit.

If you are instructed to fully evacuate the building, proceed to the off-site gathering location in the Eliot Mall/pool area just west of (behind) Eliot House. Building Management and the Fire Department will update you at the location regarding the extent of the fire and when you can expect to return to the building.