3. Fire Emergencies

The following are the procedures to follow:

a. The Fire Department recommends that you keep a flashlight, whistle and 2” roll of duct tape in an easily accessible kit in case of an emergency. The duct tape should be used across the sides and top of the door and wet towel placed along the floor for smoke inhalation.

b. Keep keys near you at all times.

c. Call 911 and report the following information:

  • Location
  • Street Address
  • Your Name
  • Floor Number
  • Unit Number

d. Exit using the stairwells, not the elevators. Stay calm, stay to the right side and do not bring any foods or liquids with you.

e. Follow instructions given by emergency personnel or building staff.

f. Do not call the front desk as this will tie up the telephone lines.

g. Do not break or jump from windows. Both are likely to decrease rather than increase your safety.

h. Stay inside your unit where it is safest as an area of refuge, or in a stairwell or floor below the fire.